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Garmin Announces Oshkosh Portable and EIS Rebates

We are pleased to announce several new Garmin promotions, just in time for Oshkosh. Save big on some of the best aviation portable devices and engine indication systems!

From July 19 through August 1, 2021, you can save on select aviation products via mail-in rebate.

Redeem Rebate

D2 Delta Series

$75 off

D2 Air

$50 off

aera 760

$100 off

aera 660

$50 off

GI275 EIS Rebate

GI 275

$250 off

Eligible for single- and twin-piston-engine aircraft, each customer will receive a $250 rebate of each GI 275 EIS installed (two GI 275 EIS systems required for twin-piston engine aircraft, for a maximum savings of $500)