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Garmin Announces New GSB™ 15 Models

Garmin is pleased to introduce two new models of the GSB 15, our powerful USB charger designed for a wide range of aircraft installations. The GSB 15 is now available with 27W of USB Type-C charging ports, while maintaining the same compact and lightweight design. The new GSB 15 models contain two USB ports that support up to 27W per port of power output simultaneously, allowing pilots and passengers to charge most mobile devices while they are using them. Other enhancements include new dimmable halo lighting around each port, new USB Power Delivery (PD) technology, and much more.

The new models of the GSB 15 are offered with either dual USB Type-C ports or a combination of USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports. Both of these new models include two powerful 27W USB charging ports that can provide enough power to charge most later generation mobile devices during use in the cockpit and throughout the cabin. The GSB 15 is available with a rear or side power input connector, allowing for installation in space-constrained areas such as near cabin sidewalls or armrests.

Another new and exciting feature is the USB PD technology that enables the GSB 15 to provide optimal power output for a specific device. In addition, the halo lighting around the exterior of the USB ports is now dimmable, which allows pilots and passengers to connect to the GSB 15 easily during nighttime conditions but utilize the lighting bus to control brightness for optimal viewing. The GSB 15 also provides owners and operators with short circuit and over temperature protection.

The GSB 15 is compact enough to fit a 1-inch cutout and uses a slim design to make it suitable for installation in any cockpit. Installation of GSB 15 can be simplified as the GSB 15 can take the place of an existing aircraft instrument hole with an optional adapter plate. The new GSB 15 models utilize the same connector as the existing dual Type-A version, allowing for an easier upgrade path to the new models. Consideration must be taken for installation in a 14v aircraft however, as this setup may require a wiring or breaker change. Reference the installation manual for more details.

With an upcoming GI 275 STC update, the new models of the GSB 15 will offer pilots the option to transfer databases to the GI 275 electronic flight instrument using a USB flash drive. In addition, owners and operators with a GI 275 and GSB 15 will be able to record flight data, including valuable Engine Indication System (EIS) data, and upload this information to a USB flash drive for an in-depth analysis.

Type-A and Type-C

Dual Type-C

Dual Type-A