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Extended Warranty Offered to S-TEC 3100 Early Adopters

An update from Genesys Aerosystems:

S-TEC 3100 certification on the Cessna 210 will be completed first, with the Bonanza, PA-32 and Cessna 182 following quickly afterwards. These will be followed by the Cessna 177 Cardinal. Shipments are expected to begin in March.

Any order that is placed before the PMA is issued for that aircraft will receive an extended warranty (3 years instead of 2). No deposit required! Customers will have 3 weeks from the date of certification to cancel the order without penalty.

Genesys is also offering great deals on S-TEC 3100 upgrades. By using your existing servos, any S-TEC autopilot can be upgraded to the 3100 (must have an STC for the airframe, of course). In this case the controller will have a 3-year warranty, and the existing servos will be warrantied for two years – no matter how long they have been installed.

This program applies to the Cessna 177, 182 and 210, 35 and 36 series Bonanza and the PA-32. Interested in the 3100 but it’s not one of these 5 airframes? Let us know!