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BendixKing Introduces KI 300 at Oshkosh 2015

"Aircraft owners with legacy BendixKing attitude indicators such as the KI 256 or KG 258 now have a modern and affordable alternative to these venerable air driven mechanical units, as well an affordable alternative to a replacement Primary Flight Display system with autopilot adapters,” said Justin Ryan, president, BendixKing.

The KI 300 is a self-contained 3” Micro Electro-Mechanical System based attitude display that displays aircraft pitch and roll attitudes. A few of the exceptional features and benefits of the KI 300 include:

  • Easy installation such that it fits in the existing panel without alteration.
  • Replaces existing KI 256 and KI 258 attitude indicators 
  • May Be Used For Weather Radar Stabilization
  • Monitors A Compatible Second Arinc 429 AHRS System For Additional Safety
  • Greater Than One Hour Battery Back-Up
  • Reduces Dependency On Vacuum Systems
  • Capable Of Being Used In Aerobatic Environments
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Optional mechanical slip indicator.
  • Integrated Attitude Reference System and backup battery ensures continued attitude information in the event of external power loss.

Certification pending as a sole-source 3-axis attitude reference with flight director for KAP 100/150/200 and KFC 150/200/225/250/275 autopilot systems.

The KI 300 is expected to be available before the end of the year.