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BendixKing Announces the New KX200

Meet the Next-Generation BendixKing KX 200 NAV/COM Radio

General aviation’s newest and most advanced NAV/COM radio is pilot-friendly by design. That’s because pilots were consulted at every phase of a development process that started with a blank CAD screen and ended with the creation of a groundbreaking new radio for the 2020s and beyond.

The BendixKing KX 200 is an easy direct replacement with the same footprint as your current KX 155/165 radio. But that is where the similarity ends. The KX 200 features:

  • High-resolution color LCD
  • 50-channel memory presets
  • 25kh or 8.33kh channel spacing
  • Full featured digital NAV/COM with VOR, LOC, ILS, and glide slope
  • Compatible with existing indicators and installed equipment
  • Compatible with 14- and 28-volt systems
  • Possibility to expand capabilities with future Honeywell AnthemTM cockpit connectivity
  • Two-year warranty

BendixKing Makes Upgrading to the KX 200 Easy

Moving up to the KX 200 couldn’t be easier, since it’s a direct replacement for your current KX 155, 165 and can substitute other radios using the same tray and connector. That also means the KX 200 is compatible with existing equipment, which reduces both cost and aircraft downtime during the conversion.

Shipments are expected to begin December 2023.

Save your spot in line with a fully-refundable $200 deposit.

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