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Aspen Avionics Announces $1000 Off of a Pro Plus Software Upgrade!

The Evolution Pro Plus presents a comprehensive and affordable package that improves flight safety.

The Pro Plus includes Evolution Synthetic Vision and Angle of Attack Indicator and through August 31, 2015 we are offering the Pro Plus package for only $3,990, a $1,000 savings off the normal retail price of $4,990.

Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV)

• Presents a real time, computer generated 3D view of terrain, obtacles and traffic*
• Integrated Terrain Warning System combines terrain and flight path marker coloring, caution and warning text, and an audio warning signal - a dynamic alerting system to keep you safe in all phases of flight
• Full-time “see and avoid” protection
• Display ESV on a PFD, MFD or both
• User-configurable screen layouts allow you to specify which screens display ESV Evolution Angle of Attack Indicator
• Provides a visual display of the AOA trend and the approximate lift simultaneously in all phases of flight
• Unique patent-pending technology for Aspen displays
• Calculates AOA from flight envelope data received from AHRS, air data computer and certified GPS
• Displays aircraft AOA for both flaps up and flaps down configurations
• Requires no additional sensors, external hardware or extra cabling for installation