The System 30 two axis autopilot incorporates the programmer, computer, mode annunciator and turn command knob all in the turn coordinator... no other panel space is needed! The system provides roll stabilization, turn command, heading pre-select when interface to heading DG or HSI, and will track VOR, GPS, and localizer. Fits standard 3-1/8" hole.

System 30 Features & Functions

  • Multi-Function control knob. Turn command and push for mode select (push and hold for A/P disconnect).
  • Ready. Indicates A/P ready status and reliable gyro speed.
  • Roll stabilization mode. Holds wings level and activates turn command knob for A/P commanded turns up to 90% standard rate.
  • Heading preselect and hold.
  • VOR/LOC/GPS tracking, dual-LO for en route VOR tracking and smooth station passage. HI for GPS en route and LOC, VOR and GPS approaches.
  • Altitude hold.
  • Pitch trim annunciator. Advises if up and down elevator trim required when altitude hold engaged.
  • 3” panel mounted
  • Internal lighting
  • Roll axis computer entirely within turn coordinator
  • Heading preselect and hold
  • Turn coordinator in β€œST” roll stabilization mode
  • Low and high gain VOR/LOC/GPS tracking (track only)
  • Altitude hold (only)
  • Compact, remote pitch computer
  • Pitch trim annunciation

Additional Options: