Sarasota Avionics installed the first GTN 750 in a Eurocopter. The 2012 Eurocopter AS350B3E originally came with a GNS 430W, GMA 340, GTX 327, KX 165 and Analog Instruments. We took the customer’s wishes and made a Glass cockpit with the Garmin GTN 750, GMA 35, GTX 33, SL 30, Avidyne TAS 600, Mid-Continent and UMA backup instruments, along with a Garmin aera 796 and a G500H system with Synthetic Vision. We even made a new Lighted Overlay for the panel to give it that extra-clean look that the Eurocopter originally comes with. This package in the Eurocopter makes it actually easier to fly a helicopter because of the cockpit awareness you have and so much information right in front of you.