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Sandia Aerospace

Sandia Aerospace was founded by a group of avionics professionals to provide high quality avionics products to General, Corporate and Regional airline markets.

SAI 340 Quattro Plus

Five-in-One Standby Instrument Sandia Aerospace Part #: 706171-00

Displays precision airspeed, attitude, altitude, slip and Instantaneous Vertical Speed I(VSI) in an EFIS presentaion. Built in battery, 10-32Vdc input voltage, standard 3" instrument hole mounting. Includes install kit.

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STX 165

Panel Mount Transponder Sandia Aerospace Part #: 705832-00

The STX 165 is a panel mount unit that uses a 1/2 3ATI panel cutout. Behind the panel depth is only 6 1/4” (not including connectors). With a built in Altitude encoder, installation time and cost is greatly reduced.

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STX 165R

Remote Transponder Sandia Aerospace Part #: 705831-00

The STX 165R elevates transponder capability to a new level while reducing both weight and size. The solid state transmitter design provides 200 Watts nominal output with no warm up time. And because it’s all solid state, power requirements are at an absolute minimum.

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OAT Probe

Optional OAT Probe for Sandia STX-165 Sandia Aerospace Part #: 305561-91

Over the air temperature (OAT) probe provides additional capability including density altitude and OAT displays and icing alerts for the STX 165 transponder.

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OAT Probe Assembly Kit

Outside Air Temperature Sandia Aerospace Part #: 681201-1

This OAT Probe Assembly will provide very accurate measurements of Outside Air Temperature (OAT) for inputs to the Air Data Computer and other airborne systems. The OAT Probe Assembly produces an output current proportional to absolute temperature.

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SAE 5-35

Altitude Data System (35K) Sandia Aerospace Part #: 705154-00

The SAE5-35 provides performance usually reserved for the largest corporate and airline aircraft. It is accurate to within 50 feet throughout its entire operating range, and the RS232 outputs have a resolution of 10 feet. When you install an SAE5-35, you can count on your transponder reporting the proper altitude every flight.

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SAC 7-35

Air Data Computer Sandia Aerospace Part #: 705548-0x
From $2,589.00

The SAC 7-35 is four systems in one: Altitude Encoder, Altitude Alerting, Fuel Flow, Airdata Computer.

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SAC 7-35 (AR)

Pre-Owned As Removed Air Data Computer Sandia Aerospace Part #: 305548-00/AR (627)

The SAC 7-35 is four systems in one: Altitude Encoder, Altitude Alerting, Fuel Flow, Airdata Computer.

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