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DENALI 30 Passive

Fixed Wing Stereo Passive Lightweight Stereo Headset Flightcom Part #: D30SP

The Denali D30SP stereo headset delivers extremely lightweight comfort and great passive noise attenuation.

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Fixed-Wing ANR Lightweight Stereo Aviation Headset Flightcom Part #: D50ANR

The Denali D50ANR stereo headset delivers hours of comfort and outstanding ANR performance for pilots that do not require additional inputs.

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Fixed-Wing ANR Lightweight Stereo Aviation Headset/Dual Inputs Flightcom Part #: D90ANR

The Denali D90ANR Dual Input stereo headset delivers outstanding comfort and performance plus cell phone and Aux inputs with automatic muting and up to 50 hour battery life.

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VENTURE 90 Passive

Passive Fixed Wing Headset Flightcom Part #: V90SP

The Venture V90SP Passive Fixed-wing stereo headset delivers top-of-the-line comfort and outstanding performance for pilots who don’t need ANR.

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2-Place Intercom Flightcom Part #: 101-0220-00

If you don't own your own plane, a portable intercom is the way to go. Put this 2-place, voice-activated intercom in your flight bag and you'll always have the powerful, functional tool that you need. Just plug it into aircraft battery power using the cigarette lighter adapter...and take off.

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VENTURE 90 Helicopter

Passive Helicopter Headset Flightcom Part #: V90MPH

The Venture V90MPH Passive Helicopter stereo headset delivers all of the features and performance of the V90SP but with a plug for helicopter use.

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6-Place Stereo Intercom with Jacks Flightcom Part #: 101-0243-10

The 403 provides 3-position transmit capability. Ships complete with six jack sets, connectors, stereo/mono switches for each jack set location, and a detailed installation manual.  Stereo intercom features include 6-place capability, instant music muting, and pilot isolate so you can focus on your flight and eliminate backseat chatter.

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4-Place Intercom Flightcom Part #: 101-0263-10

We know you’re dealing with limited space so this intercom is the smallest 4-place, voice activated panel mount on the intercom market. The whole thing fits in the palm of your hand.

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2-Place Stereo Intercom Flightcom Part #: 101-0246-00

The 403LSA is simple to operate and easy to use, just like the Light Support Aircraft (LSA).  The 2-place stereo, voice activated intercom enhances the fun of fling, as well as safety, by optimizing communication clarity.  With a low price, the 403LSA fits nicely with the LSA objective of making flying affordable for everyone.

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ANR Aviation Headset Flightcom Part #: 100-0011-00

Get all the comfort and features of a Flightcom Classic headset – now with ANR – and eliminate fatigue from your flight plan. The new Classic ANR comes with generously padded ear seals, polar fleece headpad, dual volume controls and a protective carrying case. The new Helicopter Classic ANR features a 6 foot coiled cord and a U-174/U helicopter plug.

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Passive Aviation Headset Flightcom Part #: 100-0005-00

A conventional general aviation style headset used by tens of thousands of pilots around the world.  The 5DX Classic ensures long-life ruggedness.  The Dual-volume controls allow for independent volume adjustment in each ear dome.  The precision flex boom, with noise canceling electret microphone, provides exact positioning.

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Passive Aviation Headset Flightcom Part #: 100-0004-00

The 4DLX Classic is a general aviation style headset at a price to fit any budget.  The dual volume controls allow for independent volume adjustment in each ear dome and the precision flex boom, with noise canceling electret microphone, provides exact positioning.  Delivers 24 dB NRR and only weighs 16.8 oz.

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Passive Aviation Headset Flightcom Part #: 100-0003-00

The 4DX Classic is an entry-level headset with classic Flightcom ruggedness.  With an easy-to-position wire articulated boom and a ventilated foam rubber headpad and combined liquid and foam ear seals, the 4DX Classic is comfortable and affordable.  Delivers 24dB NRR and only weighs 16.9 oz.

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