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Century Flight Systems

Century Flight Systems has been manufacturing quality autopilots since 1983.


Autopilot Century Flight Systems Part #: CENTURY 41

The Century 41 is the advanced digital logic design roll/heading/pitch autopilot with built in VOR/LOC/GS couplers and outputs to drive a single-que, V-Bar flight director system. The basic system consists of the mode programmer, system annunciator, directional and attitude gyros and servos.

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2-Axis Autopilot System with Autotrim Century Flight Systems Part #: CENTURY4000

The C4000 provides a small frame capable easily fitted into a radio stack.

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Single-axis Autopilot Century Flight Systems Part #: CENTURY1

Century I is an all-electric, rate-based, lightweight, single axis, roll/heading lateral stabilization autopilot. Vacuum system failures will not affect the operation or performance of the Century I.

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2-axis Autopilot w/Gyro & DG Century Flight Systems Part #: CENTURY2000
From $20,189.00

Available with Trim Prompt or Autotrim.
The Century 2000 main frame is the best designed single axis autopilot built today fully worthy of the legacy of Century autopilots.  Price includes required Attitude Gyro and DG.

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2-Axis Autopilot w/Autotrim Century Flight Systems Part #: TRIDEN2

The Triden series provides superior performance and reliability by using state of the art SMT digital electronics. The Triden uses both rate and position data to efficiently control the aircraft.

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AK-1081 GPSS

GPS Steering Adapter Century Flight Systems Part #: AK1081

Century's GPS roll Steering module makes flying with your GPS and autopilot easier than ever. GPS roll steering lets you program a complete flight plan into your GPS; and then with the push of a button the autopilot follows your flight plan turn by turn.

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HSI System Century Flight Systems Part #: NSD360A
From $8,889.00

The non-slaved NSD360A unit defines cost-effective HSI performance by utilizing air-driven gyro technology. Easy to read display combines the functions of the directional gyro and VOR/ILS indicator into one panel space-saving unit.

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Slaved Electric Navigation Situation Display (HSI) Century Flight Systems Part #: NSD1000
From $12,689.00

The NSD1000 Navigation Situation Display offers the same presentation as the NSD360A instrument. Inside, however, the unit features a built-in electric gyro as well as a self-contained slaving meter. Bootstrap output is an optional feature.

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Digital Altitude Pre-select/Alerter Century Flight Systems Part #: 1D960

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