The EDM-960 is the latest graphic engine analyzer for Piston Engine Twins from the JP Instruments.

The EDM-960, STC’d as Primary engine instrument, takes the best from their EDM-760 and adds total engine display monitoring including Tach, % Horsepower, Hobbs, Manifold Pressure, EGT, CHT, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Fuel Flow, Outside Air Temp, Volts, and Amps plus optional Fuel Pressure, Fuel Quantity, and Turbine Inlet Temp. Each individual engine display has a scale and alarm limit to fit your particular airplane.

As with the popular EDM-760, the EDM-960 has internal memory that records all engine parameters that can be recalled and displayed on your computer to keep track of the health of your engine. Plus: warnings for shock cooling and excess temperatures, leaning assist for both “lean of peak, and “rich of peak”.


  • Hands-free, automatic scanning
  • All programming done from the Front Panel
  • LeanFind™ finds the first and last cylinder to peak with true
  • peak detect eliminates false peaks
  • Displays both leaned temperature below peak and peak
  • Battery voltage with alarm
  • Amperes (load or charge/discharge meter)
  • Programmable alarm limits
  • Normalize view
  • Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) to stable 1°F resolution
  • DIF low to high EGT with alarm
  • EGTs to stable 1°F resolution
  • Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder
  • Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder
  • User selectable index rate
  • Fast response probes
  • Non-volatile long term memory
  • Records and stores data up to 30 hours
  • Post-flight data retrieval
  • Download to Palm™ Computer
  • Data retrieval software
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Outside air temperature
  • Fuel level
  • Fuel Flow
  • Solid-state rotor fuel flow transducer
  • Fuel quantity in gallons, kilograms, liters, or pounds
  • Low fuel quantity alarm
  • Low fuel time alarm
  • GPS interface
  • Instantaneous fuel flow rate
  • Total amount of fuel consumed
  • Total fuel remaining
  • Time to empty at the curent fuel flow rate
  • RPM and manifold pressure
  • Automatically calculates percent horsepower
  • History of extreme values during previous flight
  • Hobbs® timer
  • Fuel pressure
  • Carburetor temperature or induction temperature
  • Compressor discharge temperature option
  • Turbine inlet temperature

Available Options

  • Fuel Pressure (Transducer & Harness)
  • CRB
  • TIT (Turbine Inlet Temp)
  • CDT (Compressor Discharge Temperature)
  • IAT (Induction Air Temperature)
  • Additional tanks
The EDM960 is available in the following configurations:
  • 4 or 6 Cylinder
  • 0, 2 or 4 tanks
  • Certified or Experimental

TSO & STC Primary approved to replace all engine gauges. Fuel Quantity probes not included.