Our avionics team is ready to assist in the design and layout of your custom panel.

We're happy to discuss your plans, prepare a mock-up, and propose products and ideas to optimize your budget and maximize the end result.

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Tanker Grey

Carbon Fiber

Panel Cutter

Sarasota Avionics can provide a number of solutions for Light Sport and Experimental customers. Our wire harness packages provide a no-hassle, quick and easy way to install the equipment yourself. We also have the capability and expertise to design and produce high quality custom metal panels in-house. Call us today to get a customized quote for your aircraft!

Send us an email and one of our knowledgeable avionics consultants will get back with you shortly.

Panel Design Software

Our sales team will work with you to design you the panel that provides the maximum capability for your aircraft and budget. Our proprietary design process ensures that your dream panel will be carefully fabricated to your exact specifications.