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CD-MP3-DVD Players

CD, MP3, DVD, and Blu-Ray players for aircraft, from PS Engineering, Flight Display Systems, and Avionics Innovations.


Blu-Ray and DVD/CD/MP3 Player Flight Display Systems Part #: FD932DVD-BLU-2

Available with HDMI or HDSDI output.
The FD932DVD-BLU-2 player provides the flexibility to watch movies in DVD or Blu-ray HD format up to 1080P/60Hz. This Blu-ray player features a front slot which allows for mounting on various angles within the aircraft.

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Low Profile DVD/CD/MP3/USB/SD Player Flight Display Systems Part #: FD932DVD-LP-3
From $3,149.00

Available with optional Aux Inputs.
The FD932DVD-LP-3 and FD932DVD-LP-3-AV multi-media disc players provide high-resolution images with high quality surround sound effects.

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