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Experimental Panel Mount Comms

Panel Mount Comms for Experimental aircraft from ICOM, Flightline, and VAL Avionics.

GTR 200

Panel-mount Comm w/2-Place Intercom for Experimental Aircraft Garmin Part #: 010-01087-11

Powerful 10-Watt radio with advanced audio panel features and intuitive control.

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Panel Mount VHF Airband Transceiver ICOM Part #: ICA220
From $1,165.00

Available in TSO'd and Non-TSO'd versions.
Icom's A220 panel mount transceiver is a popular fit with experimental and light sport pilots. The TSO approved version will work for all certified part 23 aircraft. This ground to air transceiver has the capability to work on both 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing frequencies, and features the brightest OLED display on the market.

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VHF Comm Transceiver (Non-TSO'd) Flightline Part #: FL760A

Compact size but loaded with what you need in your aircraft, with a one year warranty.

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8.33 kHz COM Radio for Dynon Skyview Dynon Avionics Part #: 10231x-000

Available in Horizontal or Vertical configuration.
Dynon's COM radio reinvented the pilot interface for radios. With dedicated buttons for tuning tower, ground, weather, and ATC frequencies, it saves time and reduces pilot workload. The SV-COM-X83 brings the same capability to Europe with 8.33 kHz frequency spacing.

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