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Dynon Avionics SV-EMS-221/A

Engine Monitoring Module for Dynon Skyview (Rotax 912 iS)

Dynon Avionics - New - 101814-000


The SV-EMS-220 Module provides the interface between a SkyView Display and the engine and aircraft sensors. It allows the SkyView System to continuously monitor all power plant and aircraft systems in a highly automated manner. The EMS Module integrates up to 16 different types of gauges all in one highly compact design. Any parameter falling outside its predefined limits are automatically brought to the attention of the pilot for immediate remediation. Safety is enhanced two fold; first, by reducing the pilot's workload and secondly by early detection and notification of foreseen trouble.

Flexibility: The SkyView System is highly configurable for you to design the exact Engine Monitoring display you want. Common engine configurations come standard, but an easy to use setup menu allows you to choose exactly which sensors, displays, ranges and alarms you want.

Some of the parameters you can measure with the SkyView EMS include:
  • Tach
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Flow
  • Fuel Pressure
  • CHT
  • EGT
  • Voltage
  • Current
It also can monitor discrete sensors for:
  • Trim Position
  • Flap Position
  • And other aircraft parameters
Mounting: The SV-EMS-220 should be mounted in the avionics bay near the firewall. NOTE: it cannot be mounted on the engine side of the firewall.

Connections: The SV-EMS-220 has two connectors, a D37 and a D25. The D37 contains dedicated RPM, Voltage, Fuel Flow, Current, MAP, and general purpose inputs. The D25 has twelve temperature inputs. The EMS Module is connected to a SkyView Display via a D9 connector.

Engine Sensor Kits: The SV-EMS-220 can use the Dynon Engine Sensor Kits for the 4 and 6 cylinder Lycoming, Continental, Jabiru, and Rotax engines. The Wiring Harnesses supplied with these kits fit the SV-EMS-220 connectors. Other engines are supported, although the installer will have to determine the correct sensors and wiring to connect to the EMS Module.

More than Six Cylinders: The SkyView System currently supports only one EMS Module, so for complete CHT and EGT monitoring it is limited to six cylinders. However, the temperature inputs are general purpose, so for a nine cylinder engine nine EGT's could be monitored, leaving three inputs for CHT.

Design Considerations: A SkyView Network Cable is used to connect an ADAHRS Module to a Display. One SV-EMS-220 will provide data to as many Displays as are connected in the SkyView System. Currently only one SV-EMS-220 may be networked into a SkyView System, but in the future multiple EMS Modules will be allowed. This will be a free software upgrade.
  • Dimensions: 6.35"W x 1.09"H x 2.99"D
  • Weight: 9.6 oz.

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