Aviation's Panel Mount Avionics Installation Leader

Available for Class 1 & 2 aircraft (G500 TXi) and Class 3 aircraft (G600 TXi).

Package includes:

  • GEA 110 Engine Interface Adapter
  • GEA 110 Connector Kit*
  • Base Engine Sensor Package for 4 or 6 Cylinder Aircraft (CHT Probes, CHT Probe Adapters, EGT Probes, and Oil Pressure Sensor 150 PSIG)

*Connector kit is for the GEA 110 mounted on the back of a 10" TXi display. If no 10" TXi display is installed, sealed connector kit and install tray are required.


  • Dedicated 7" Landscape EIS Display**

**When installed as a standalone system without a G500 TXi or G600 TXi, the EIS TXi display requires a datacard and product information kit.

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