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  • TC02E

    Electrical Turn Coordinator

    Part #: TC02E

    Available options: Lighted, and with 8 degree tilt.
    Used for displaying the angular rate and sideslip of turning in horizontal flying and turning. The unit is an electrically-driven gyroscope. The inclinometer, by movement of a ball in relation to the lubber lines, indicates the slip angle of the aircraft while in a turn.

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  • TB02E

    Turn & Bank Indicator

    Part #: TB02E-2-1

    Electrical Turn and Bank Indicator is a newly-redesigned model which features shorter length than the original model. It has a DC-AC-DC converter. The ultra precision electrical AC gyroscope makes the instrument significantly different in life, accuracy, preciseness and reliability compared to the DC-DC-DC structure available in the market.

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  • 1394T100-7Z

    Turn Coordinator (Unlighted)

    Part #: 1394T1007Z

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  • 1394T100-3Z

    Turn Coordinator (Lighted)

    Part #: 1394T1003Z

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  • 1234T100-7TZ

    Turn & Slip Indicator

    Part #: 1234T1007TZ

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  • 1234T100-3ATZ

    Turn & Slip Indicator

    Part #: 1234T1003ATZ

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  • RCA82A-11

    Turn Coordinator, Unlighted

    Part #: RCA82A11

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  • RCA83A-11

    Turn Coordinator, Lighted

    Part #: RCA83A11

    $925.00 Learn More
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