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  • ADC-2000

    Fuel/Airdata Computer

    Part #: 962830-1A

    The Shadin Avionics F/ADC-2000 Fuel/Airdata Computer gives you access to more real-time flight information than ever before.

    $4,489.00 Learn More
  • ADC-200 SYSTEM

    Air Data Computer w/Temp Probe & Install Kit

    Part #: 962820-1A

    Designed to interface with the latest GPS systems on the market, the ADC-200 delivers real-time fuel management information, winds aloft, and airdata information to instantly alert the pilot to changing flight conditions. The ADC-200 is remote-mounted, and requires no valuable panel space since all calculated functions are viewed directly on the GPS!

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  • TAS-1000

    Air Data Computer

    Part #: 1000-001

    Today’s modern avionics integrate many functions with your GPS, but standard installations leave many important features untapped. The TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source was specifically designed to supply all the information needed to fill in the missing pieces of your GPS or MFD display in real-time.

    From $2,589.00 Learn More
  • SAC 7-35

    Air Data Computer

    Part #: SAC7-35

    The SAC 7-35 is four systems in one: Altitude Encoder, Altitude Alerting, Fuel Flow, Airdata Computer.

    $2,189.00 Learn More
  • AMS-2000

    Altitude Alert System

    Part #: 8900

    With a range of feature previously unavailable in general aviation, the Shadin Avionics AMS-2000 Altitude Management and Alert System brings advanced instrumentation to new levels of function and affordability.

    $3,489.00 Learn More
  • ACU

    Air Data Converter Unit (w/ Installation Kit)

    Part #: 1500-01-13

    Universal Avionics' Air Data Converter Unit (ACU) has been designed to convert analog Air Data inputs of Altitude, SAT and TAS to an ARINC 429 digital format.

    $4,689.00 Learn More
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