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Sarasota Avionics News and Press Releases

Pipers Magazine: Panel Annals - Part 2


Sarasota Avionics featured in the Pipers Magazine article documenting our panel upgrade in a 1979 Piper Dakota.

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Pipers Magazine: Panel Annals - Part 1


Sarasota Avionics featured in the Pipers Magazine article documenting our panel upgrade in a 1979 Piper Dakota.

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Avionics Magazine: NextGen for General Aviation


Installation centers such as Florida-based Sarasota Avionics International, which is approved to install Garmin’s GDL 84 and 88, FreeFlight’s Ranger, and the L-3 Lynx, among others, are not seeing lengthy ADS-B installation times.

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Avionics News Feature: What's In Your Hangar?


Sarasota Avionics' demo panel currently includes: Garmin G500 with Synthetic Vision, GTN 750, GTN 650, GDL 69, GTS 800; L-3 Trilogy, Stormscope; King KFC-200; PS Engineering PAV80/DVD; JPI EDM 930; Aspen EFD 1000 Pro PFD with Synthetic Vision, EFD 1000 MFD; and much more.

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Video: L-3's Trilogy Backup Gyro


Glass panels have become standard in new aircraft, and now that more legacy airplanes are retrofitted with these systems, there's a growing market for backup gyros. That market has clearly stated a preference: Backup glass units are making inroads. In this AVweb video, Larry Anglisano of Aviation Consumer and Kirk Fryar of Sarasota Avionics give us a tour of the L-3 Trilogy.

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AEA Members of the Year Nominees


"Kirk Fryar’s involvement in avionics began at the young age of 8, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat next to his father. Growing up in Winchester, Tenn., Fryar spent every summer working at the local airport as the airport gofer in exchange for flying time to become a pilot. This interest in aviation led Fryar to attend Colorado Aero Tech and begin a career in avionics. After his training, Fryar opened his first repair station in one small room.

Later, he met Bert Van Kirk, and together they opened the company Sarasota Avionics International, a complete sales and service center with five avionics service centers in the U.S. and one international location. Fryar is co-owner and serves as the vice president. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two children. A majority of Fryar’s avionics technicians recently passed the NCATT AET test and received their certifications during the fall 2009 AEA East Meeting in Tampa, Fla."

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Aero-Eval: The Best FBOs We Worked With In 2009 -- KVNC's Sarasota Avionics


"Last spring, after enjoying the charms of the first generation Avidyne Entegra for the better part of 100 hours, we were seduced by the promise of Avidyne's latest flat-panel wunderkind, the Release 9 upgrade for the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 series. While the decision about making the upgrade was an easy one, the means by which to accomplish this aero-brain transplant was not. We've worked with a number of local FBOs and Service centers and they all seemed to be "OK" but having been through a massive upgrade like this once before and having had a less than perfect experience, we were kinda gun-shy and decided that maybe it was OK to look as much as a few hundred miles away to find the right shop to work with... and boy, did we."

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Aero-TV Undertakes 'The Upgrade Decision' - ANN Selects Avidyne Release 9


"They say its kinda like watching someone you love going "under the knife," and so there I was, watching my treasured Cirrus G3 Turbo, cast about in pieces all over the hangar at Sarasota Avionics.

It was a tough thing to see... but the weeks beforehand were even tougher as we considered the whys and wherefores of undertaking a major (i.e., expensive and extensive) avionics upgrade -- switching from our highly dependable and easy-to-use Entegra 'Generation One' System... to the "next big thing..." i.e., Avidyne's much ballyhooed and promoted "Release 9."

Come along with Aero-News for the first part of our look into the technically tasking endeavor we've undertaken... namely taking a good airplane and making it (to our mind) even better. With the help of Avidyne and what is turning out to be an exceptionally avionics shop, Sarasota Avionics, we're going to start documenting the trials and tribulations of this little adventure over the coming months."

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Avidyne Names Its 2008 'Elite' Dealers


"Avionics manufacturer Avidyne announced this week its qualifying domestic dealers for "Avidyne Elite" status as part of its Tiered Dealer Program. Avidyne Elite is the highest level in Avidyne's dealer program, signifying the company's most qualified and active installation facilities.

To qualify for Elite status, these dealers must engage in a series of business and operating requirements with Avidyne each quarter. This includes maintaining a minimum of two technicians trained and certified on all Avidyne products through Avidyne's comprehensive Technical Training & Best Installation Practices Program, actively co-marketing with Avidyne by participating in at least two Avidyne Field Marketing Programs each quarter, and fulfilling a quarterly revenue requirement."

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AOPA's Catch-A-Cardinal Sweepstakes: Panel Magic


"We had some stellar players to choose from, but one application for the avionics installation kept coming to the top of our list: Sarasota Avionics International, based in three locations in west-central Florida, including two at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport and one at Venice Municipal. If you plan a panel overhaul, your criteria for a shop should follow ours: a solid reputation for quality work, a focus on customer service (because there will be issues that crop up in an installation of this complexity), and a full line of talent to ensure the work is accomplished in a timely manner — you don't want to miss an entire flying season! On paper, Sarasota Avionics exceeded these criteria. But would it buy into our ideas (and our timeline) for the airplane?"

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AEA Recognizes Members For Training Commitment


"The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) announced the recipients of the annual Avionics Training Excellence award at the 48th Annual Convention and Trade Show. The award recognizes AEA members for their total commitment to training as evidenced by participation in AEA–approved training."

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