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  • AT4300-3

    Radar Altimeter Antenna

    Part #: AT4300-3

    The AT4300-3 is a 4200 to 4400 MHz ARINC 707 radar altimeter antenna that flush mounts to the fuselage. It is approved under FAA TSO C87 and can be used on all turbine, turboprop and piston airframes. The AT4300-3 can be used as a replacement for other ARINC 707 radar altimeter antennas and is easily installed utilizing existing mounting holes.

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  • S67-2002

    Radar Altimeter Antenna

    Part #: 013-00378-00

    Flush-mounted radio altimeter antenna designed to provide improved performance and reduced size and weigh.  Small size provides ease of mounting.  Ideal for general aviation application.

    $889.00 Learn More
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