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  • GA57X

    GPS/XM Antenna

    Part #: 010-11370-10

    $199.00 Learn More
  • CI-428-200

    ComDat GPS WAAS Antenna

    Part #: CI 428-200

    Comant’s newest ComDat GPS WAAS antenna designed specifically to meet the GPS WAAS Gamma 3 specificatons required by the Garmin G1000 system. Not compatible with portable GPS receiver units.

    $619.00 Learn More
  • CI-401

    GPS Antenna

    Part #: CI401

    $569.00 Learn More
  • GA-56

    GPS Antenna

    Part #: 010-10040-01

    $299.00 Learn More
  • GA-56 Flange Mount

    GPS Antenna

    Part #: GA56FLANGE

    $329.00 Learn More
  • AV-GPS

    GPS Antenna

    Part #: AVGPS

    The RAMI model AV-GPS is a permanently mounted external aircraft antenna designed for use with GPS receivers which provide +5 volts DC on their antenna connector. It is an active (amplified) antenna providing an average of 26 dB gain over a passive (non-amplified) antenna.

    $229.00 Learn More
  • AT2300-326

    GPS/XM Antenna

    Part #: AT2300-326

    The AT2300-326 is a combination GPS antenna and XM satellite receiver antenna allowing you to replace an existing GPS antenna with a dual purpose antenna.

    $699.00 Learn More
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