Aviation Headset Specials

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Sennheiser S1 DigitalSennheiser S1 Digital

For a limited time, SAVE $100 INSTANTLY on the Sennheiser S1 Digital! No rebate form necessary.
Part No. Model No. Regular Price Special Price
504212 S1 Digital $1,095 $995

Bose A20Bose A20® Headset Bundle

This package includes the Bose A20® Aviation Headset (panel powered, optional bluetooth) and the 6-pin to Dual-plugs GA Adapter.
Part No. Model No. Bundle Price
324843-1040/327080-0010 A20 Aviation Headset w/Flex Cable $1,144
   (Panel Power, w/Bluetooth)
324843-0040/327080-0010 A20 Aviation Headset w/Flex Cable $1,044.00
   (Panel Power, No Bluetooth)
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