garmin g5 electronic flight instrument garmin g5 electronic flight instrument

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SkyView continues the Dynon tradition of technologically advanced GA aircraft with the next generation of glass panels, offering redundant networks and systems, incredibly bright screens, design flexibility, and future upgradability unsurpassed by anything else flying.

The SkyView displays are very bright, high-resolution screens driven by advanced graphics processors create highly visible and readable display, even in direct sunlight! They are the heart of the SkyView system, and contain the main control CPU, graphics processor, and terrain data-base. Both the 7" and 10" displays are identical in functionality, with the only difference being screen size. SkyView Displays utilize TFT active matrix LCD screens and LED backlighting technology for increased life span, more uniform brightness, and reduced power consumption.


Resolution: 1024 x 600 Brightness: 1350 nits


Resolution: 1024 x 600 Brightness: 1350 nits

The SkyView System is designed for ease of use while flying. The most used functions are accessed via two rotary/multi-direction Joysticks, for fast intuitive commands. Almost all other in flight commands, using the widely spaced buttons, are only two button presses away. None or more than three button presses. If two displays are in the system, either one can act as the Primary Flight Display, Moving Map, and Engine Monitor. The unlikely loss of either display will not affect the functionality of the other. A system backup battery (purchased separately) will provide over an hour of backup power to a Display and Modules. Each Display requires its own Backup Battery for redundancy.

The SkyView System consists of the following components (some items listed below are optional, for separate purchase):

Advanced Screens: Very bright, high-resolution screens driven by advanced graphic processors create highly visible and readable displays. Screen resolutions are 1024x600 for the SV-D1000 10” and 800x480 for the SV-D700 7”. Brightness is over 1350 nits for the 10” display and 1200 nits for the 7” display. Displays are fully dimmable for night flight. A wiring harness included with each display makes for easy connections between displays and modules.

Integrated User Interface: Two multi-position joysticks (left, right, up, down, diagonal, push, and rotary) offer easy and intuitive control of your SkyView displays. EFIS, EMS, Autopilot, Moving Map, 3-D Terrain/Synthetic Vision, and menu structures are all available with less than three button presses.

Worldwide Terrain Data: SkyView Displays are shipped with a US and South American terrain database installed. Every other region of the world can be downloaded from our Worldwide Terrain Data page.

Navigation Data: Worldwide navigation and obstacle databases are available. US FAA data is available free from Dynon. Non-US navigation and obstacle databases can be purchased from Jeppesen or PocketFMS.

SkyView Network: Every SkyView system display and module is connected by two independent power and data buses. For dual screen systems, each serial port needs to be connected together in parallel between the two displays (they contain circuitry that prevents conflicts). Also, connecting the two displays with an ethernet connection allows single point data uploads and high speed data transfer between the displays.

System Battery Backup: A system backup battery will provide over an hour of backup power to a Display and Modules. Each Display requires its own Backup Battery for redundancy.

Flexible User Interface: The default screen setups are logical and functional, so you can start flying with a minimum of setup time. But as you determine your preferences and screen layouts, the displayed data can be configured in ways that work best for you.

Engine Module: The SV-EMS-220 can be mounted closer to the engine, allowing easier wire routing. Note: the SV-EMS-220 cannot be mounted on the engine side of the firewall.For fuel injected Rotax 912 iS engines, the SV-EMS-221 should be ordered instead of the SV-EMS-220.

ADAHRS Module: The SV-ADAHRS-200 is a complete MEMS-based attitude reference and air data computer, integrated with a digital compass. This allows easier mounting and higher accuracy calibration between the system components. One or more SV-ADAHRS-201 Modules can be added to a SkyView System for redundancy.

ARINC 429 Module: The SV-ARINC-429 makes SkyView compatible with certified GPS receivers, integrating with such radios as the Garmin 430/530. This includes advanced features such as GPS steering, CDI auto-scaling and vertical guidance from WAAS-enabled GPS receivers. This Module also enables the full suite of G430/530 VOR and localizer functionality.

Transponders: An integrated Mode-S transponder saves panel space with control and annunciation appearing on the SkyView displays. The light weight transponder module can be mounted anywhere in the airplane that is convenient. NOTE ON U.S. COMPLIANCE: Currently the FAA ADS-B requirements specify the higher power Class 1 transponder. For U.S. customers, we recommend only the Class 1 SV-XPNDR-261.

Traffic: SkyView displays traffic data from a variety of sources, displayed on both the moving map and synthetic vision using industry standard TCAS I symbology. Location, severity of threat, distance, vertical separation, and direction of motion are all displayed. Traffic data can be provided by a SkyView transponder, a Zaon XRX passive traffic receiver, a NavWorx ADS-B receiver, a Trig ADS-B receiver (future), or any device that can output in the GTX-330 traffic format and for which traffic data is available in your region of the world. This allows SkyView’s traffic feature to be used anywhere in the world, and with many different technologies.

Integrated Autopilot: Just add a pair of servos and your SkyView becomes a full-featured autopilot!

SkyView SV-MAP-270: The GPS Navigation Software is integrated into the SkyView System, available as an upgrade. The SV-MAP-270 is a software only Module, and contains navigation functions such as a complete multi-leg flight planner, Direct To plus the ability to view and navigate with airport, airspace, navaid, airspace, and obstacle data, and provides Com and Nav frequencies. The GPS Navigation can fully control the autopilot, with advanced features like GPS Steering.

GPS Receiver: The SV-GPS-250 connects to the system backup battery for greater reliability. Other NMEA compatible GPS receivers may also be connected to the SkyView system and used in lieu of the SV-GPS-250.

HSI: Standalone HSIs cost thousands of dollars, but every SkyView includes one at no extra charge. Just add your favorite navigation source.

Compatibility: Your existing Dynon engine monitor sensors and harness will work with the new SV-EMS-220 Engine Module. Your existing Dynon Servos will work with the SkyView system, including a redundant network connection. Your existing Dynon pitot probes will also work with the SkyView system.

USB Updates: Convenient program and data updates via USB memory stick.

SkyView SV-VPX-290: With the addition of this software license, SkyView will act as the user interface to the Vertical Power VP-X system. VP-X is a digital circuit breaker system that uses the SkyView display for annunciation.

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