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6-Place Stereo Intercom w/Isolate, All and Crew
Part no: 11932

The PM3000 boasts an easy-to-use interface that clearly outperforms the competition. With the PM3000, you get years of trouble-free operation in a very inexpensive unit.

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6 Place Intercom
Part no: SPA600

Sigtronics pioneered the voice activated intercom market in 1974 and continues to deliver value and performance today in the 6 place FAA TSO approved SPA-600 intercom series.

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6-Place Intercom
Part no: SCI6

All the features of Sigtronics' stereo pilot isolate series in an FAA TSO approved intercom only (no music capability) package. The SCI-6 six place offers dual volume and squelch, three modes of operation: All, ISO, Crew, and includes our fail-safe feature.

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Portable 6-Place Intercom
Part no: SPO62

The Transcom II is available in 2 place, 4 place, and 6 place versions with the addition of one or two remote expansion modules (accommodating two passengers each), which are connected to the main unit by a 4 foot cord.

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6-Place Stereo Intercom with Jacks
Part no: 101-0243-10

The 403 provides 3-position transmit capability. Ships complete with six jack sets, connectors, stereo/mono switches for each jack set location, and a detailed installation manual.  Stereo intercom features include 6-place capability, instant music muting, and pilot isolate so you can focus on your flight and eliminate backseat chatter.

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