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  • PM1000II

    4-Place Intercom

    Part #: 1192X

    Available with or without Internal Crew Function.
    The PM1000II panel mounted, four-channel intercom gains the benefits of PS Engineering's 18 years of design excellence. This popular panel mount has advanced features found in only more expensive competitor's units.

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  • PM3000

    4-Place Intercom

    Part #: 11931A

    The PM3000 boasts an easy-to-use interface that clearly outperforms the competition. With the PM3000, you get years of trouble-free operation in a very inexpensive unit.

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  • PM500EX

    4-Place Intercom

    Part #: 11801

    Affordability, ease of use, plenty of audio power, and high reliability were the primary engineering considerations for the PM501, our lowest cost intercom. The PM501 provides all basic intercom capabilities plus many of the most advanced features usually only found in more expensive models.

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  • SPA-400

    4-Place Intercom

    Part #: SPA400

    Sigtronics pioneered the voice activated intercom market in 1974 and continues to deliver value and performance today in the 4 place FAA TSO approved SPA-400 intercom series.

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  • SPA-400N

    4-Place Intercom for High Noise Environment

    Part #: SPA400N

    The SPA-400N FAA TSO approved High Noise Environment Intercom Series is designed specifically for experimental, ultralights, warbirds, helicopters, and other high noise aircraft.

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  • SCI-4

    4-Place Intercom

    Part #: SCI4

    All the features of Sigtronics' stereo pilot isolate series in an FAA TSO approved intercom only (no music capability) package. The SCI-4 four place offers dual volume and squelch, three modes of operation: All, ISO, Crew, and includes our fail-safe feature.

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  • SCI-S

    4-Place Stereo Intercom

    Part #: SCIS

    Dual Everything! The Sigtronics SCI-S Series intercoms are voice activated stereo Intercoms with dual volume, squelch and three modes of operation: All, ISO, and Crew.

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  • SPO-42

    Portable 4-Place Intercom

    Part #: SPO42

    The Transcom II is available in 2 place, 4 place, and 6 place versions with the addition of one or two remote expansion modules (accommodating two passengers each), which are connected to the main unit by a 4 foot cord.

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  • PMA4000

    4-place Intercom/Audio Panel

    Part #: 11942

    The PMA4000 is a 4-place panel mounted intercom with added capability for switching two communications transceivers and navigation receivers, as well as providing a speaker amplifier. The intercom features PS Engineering's exclusive IntelliVox® with individual volume controls for both the pilot and copilot.

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  • 403MC

    4-Place Intercom

    Part #: 101-0263-10

    We know you’re dealing with limited space so this intercom is the smallest 4-place, voice activated panel mount on the intercom market. The whole thing fits in the palm of your hand.

    $155.00 Learn More
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