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Feb 21

Yaesu FTA 750L, 550L and 550 AA handheld VHF transceivers

Yaesu new handheld VHF transceivers are being released, the FTA-750L (GPS), and FTA-550L/FTA-550 AA models will be available as of 2/25/2014!

Feb 18

Brazilian ANAC validation of Garmin STC for GTN 650H and GTN 750H

Garmin has just received ANAC (Brazil) validation of the GTN 650H and GTN 750H (Part 27 Helicopter) STC

Feb 01

JP Instruments Rebates

Through the end of February, JP Instruments is offering rebates of up to $500 on select items!

Jan 21

GDL 39 3D: Portable ADS-B with Attitude

Introducing the new GDL 39 3D, a portable ADS-B receiver, which adds simultaneous display of aircraft attitude information (pitch and roll), alongside rich interactive mapping, traffic, and weather within the Garmin Pilot application.

Dec 03

Aspen Avionics Gift Yourself Glass Promotion

Get substantial savings on all Aspen Avionics Evolution Systems through December 31st, 2013.

Nov 20

Winter Rebates from Electronics International

Get up to $400 back via mail-in rebate on select EI products through February 2014!

Nov 20

Lightspeed $500 Burger Getaway

Lightspeed is taking the $100 hamburger allegory to a new level by announcing their $500 Hamburger Getaway promotion!

Nov 01

Lightspeed Zulu.2 Price Reduction

Starting November 1st, 2013, Lightspeed will be permanently reducing the price on their Zulu.2 Headset.

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