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G3X Discount PackageReduced Pricing on Garmin G3X Systems

Package Description New Reduced Price
G3X System: Single Display From $4,375
G3X System: Dual Display From $6,495
G3X System: Triple Display From $8,495
G3X TOUCH: Single Display From $5,499
G3X TOUCH: Dual Display From $9,399

G3X Discount PackageSpecial Prices on Garmin G3X Packages

Package Description Package Price
G3X Package A (Single Screen) $8,049
      Includes: G3X system/GDU370, GTX327, GTR225, GA57X
G3X Package B (Single Screen w/XM) $8,449
      Includes: G3X system/GDU375, GTX327, GTR225, GA57X
G3X Package C (Dual Screen) $13,989
      Includes: G3X system/GDU370/370, GPS400W, GTX327, GTR225, GA57X
G3X Package D (Dual Screen w/XM) $14,349
      Includes: G3X system/GDU370/375, GPS400W, GTX327, GTR225, GA57X

Dynon Avionics SKYVIEWSpecials on Dynon Avionics SkyView Systems

We're offering excellent pricing on the SKYVIEW D700 or D1000 from Dynon Avionics.  Order today and save!
Part No. Model No. Our Price
SV-D1000/T SkyView D1000 Touch $3,789.00
SV-D1000/B SkyView D1000 $3,389.00
SV-D700/B SkyView D700 $2,549.00
DYNONPKG1 Dynon Package 1 $4,749.00
DYNONPKG2 Dynon Package 2 $5,589.00
DYNONPKG3 Dynon Package 3 $8,699.00
DYNONPKG4 Dynon Package 4 $9,559.00

Sarasota GPS PackagesSpecial Pricing on GPS Packages

Each package includes applicable AirGizmo Panel Dock, GTX-327 Transponder, GTR-225 Com, AK-350 Encoder, and power data cable.
Package Description Our Price
GPS Package A / GPSMAP 696 $5,679.00
GPS Package B / GPSMAP 695 $5,399.00
GPS Package C / aera500 $4,479.00
GPS Package D / aera510 $4,779.00
GPS Package E / aera550 $4,879.00
GPS Package F / aera560 $5,179.00
GPS Package G / aera796 $5,839.00
GPS Package H / aera795 $5,579.00
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