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    Primary Flight Display

    Part #: GEMINI-PFD

    The Gemini PFD incorporates an airspeed indicator and altimeter into the Gemini ADI.

    $1,261.00 Learn More

    Attitude Direction Indicator

    Part #: GEMINI-ADI

    The Gemini ADI is an Attitude Direction Indicator for experimental aircraft.

    $970.00 Learn More

    Multi-Servo Autopilot for Experimental Aircraft

    Part #: VIZION

    Available with Flat or Round display.
    NOTE: Installation kits sold separately depending on type of aircraft.

    From $2,037.00 Learn More

    2-Axis Autopilot for Garmin G3X System

    Part #: GXPILOT

    Designed to interface with the Garmin G3X.  Available to fit standard 2.25” round hole, or in Flat Pack.

    From $2,475.00 Learn More

    2-Axis Autopilot

    Part #: SORCERER

    For experimental aircraft only.

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  • KRT2

    Comm Radio for Experimental Aircraft

    Part #: KRT2

    Powerful 6 Watt transmitter, Frequency Range - 118.000 – 136.975, Auxiliary audio input, Built-in VOX intercom, 100 channel memory, Dual watch / monitor function, Fully remote controllable from Advanced 5000 series EFIS.  Fits standard 2-1/4” round cutout, weighs just 0.79 lb.

    $1,265.00 Learn More

    Altitude Hold

    Part #: ALTRAK

    For experimental aircraft only. Stand alone or add on Altitude Hold.

    $1,503.00 Learn More

    Altitude Hold

    Part #: ALTRAKVS

    For experimental aircraft only. Stand alone or add on Altitude Hold with vertical speed select.

    $1,746.00 Learn More
  • ADI (2-1/4")

    Attitude Direction Indicator

    Part #: ADI2

    Gyro / VS pitch display, Bank Angle display, Built-in Ground Track DG, High Bank Angle Warning, Low Airspeed Warning.

    $1,261.00 Learn More

    Turn & Bank Indicator

    Part #: PTB

    For experimental aircraft only.  Available in 2-1/4" or 3-1/8".
    In contrast to the turn coordinator, the Pictorial Turn & Bank provides a display that agrees with the artificial horizon, and likewise the real horizon. The dynamic performance of this display is equal to that of an artificial horizon.

    From $495.00 Learn More

    Automatic Pitch Trim

    Part #: TRUAUTO

    Failsafe automatic pitch trim can be added to any system with vertical speed select. TruTrak is the only company serving the experimental market to offer Failsafe Automatic Pitch Trim; this ensures that a single failure will not cause runaway trim.

    $339.50 Learn More

    Yaw Damper

    Part #: TRUYAW

    NOTE: Servo not included in price.  The Yaw Damper employs a solid state rate gyro to damp out short term yaw oscillation, and a transverse accelerometer to control rudder position long term, so as to keep the ball centered. The Yaw Damper can be added to the DFC-200 or Sorcerer autopilots.

    $725.00 Learn More