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  • GTR-200

    Comm Radio for Experimental Aircraft

    Part #: 010-01087-01

    Powerful 10-Watt radio with advanced audio panel features and intuitive control.  For experimental aircraft.

    $1,199.00 Learn More
  • IC-A210

    VHF Airband Transceiver

    Part #: ICA210 25

    Innovative airband that's easier to install and see in more places.

    See Price In Cart Learn More
  • FL-760

    VHF Comm Transceiver

    Part #: FL760

    Compact size but loaded with what you need in your aircraft, with a one year warranty.

    $689.00 Learn More
  • SV-COM-C25

    Integrated SkyView COM Radio

    Part #: 1020XX-000

    Available in Horizontal or Vertical configuration.
    Powerful, flexible, and designed to reduce the pilot's workload -- the SV-COM-C25 will change the way pilots use their COM radio.

    From $1,239.00 Learn More
  • SV-COM-X83

    8.33 kHz COM Radio for Dynon Skyview

    Part #: 10231x-000

    Available in Horizontal or Vertical configuration.
    Dynon's COM radio reinvented the pilot interface for radios. With dedicated buttons for tuning tower, ground, weather, and ATC frequencies, it saves time and reduces pilot workload. The SV-COM-X83 brings the same capability to Europe with 8.33 kHz frequency spacing.

    From $2,089.00 Learn More
  • COM 2000

    VHF Transceiver

    Part #: VAL-COM-2000

    The COM 2000 from Val Avionics is an achievement in usability, durability and clarity that will simplify and strengthen the way you communicate in the air.

    $979.00 Learn More
  • GTR-20

    Remote Comm w/2-Place Intercom (for G3X Touch)

    Part #: 010-01076-01

    $995.00 Learn More
  • V6 Com

    VHF Aviation Radio Transceiver

    Part #: V6

    Based on the digital technology intruduced in the V10, the V6 provides the same powerful 6W transmitter and modulation system. Designed for 25Khz spacing with 8.33Khz compatible operation selectable, the dual scan receiver boasts the fastest scanning time which means no loss of reception quality during receive of the standby channel.

    $1,159.00 Learn More
  • V6R Remote Com

    Remote VHF Aviation Radio Transceiver

    Part #: V6-REMOTE

    The V6R is the remote version of the popular V6 Radio. It is identical to the V6 radio with the exception of the face and front controls. It requires either an MGL Avionics iEFIS, Odyssey/Voyager or R2 Control Head to function.

    $1,019.00 Learn More
  • V10 Com

    VHF Transceiver

    Part #: V10

    MGL's air band VHF transceiver is the first commercial product of its kind to utilize modern receiver and transmitter technology. All audio processing and much of the receiver and transmitter circuitry is fully digital resulting in an outstanding quality experience unavailable with traditional technology.

    $1,059.00 Learn More
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