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TQ is one of the largest electronics specialists in Germany and provides a complete range of services from idea to finished product.


Comm Radio Transceiver (Standard) TQ-Aviation Part #: 299364.0200

The newly developed KRT2 radio transceiver of the 8.33 kHz generation is small, light, energy efficient and full of innovative digitalisation technology.

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KTX2-S Standard V2

Mode S Transponder TQ-Aviation Part #: 309140.0100
From $1,575.00

The KTX2 is a highly efficient Mode-S transponder offering the lowest possible power consumption, smallest dimensions, and lightest weight.As a Class 1 Transponder with an operational range up to 35,000ft and 250kt, the KTX2 is ideal not only for microlight aircraft and gliders,but also for a major part of aircraft of general aviation up to 12,500 lbs MTOW (VFR and IFR).

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Mode-S Transponder (160mm Stack Format) TQ-Aviation Part #: 313136.0100
From $1,865.00

The TQ-KTX2-F Mode-S transponder for the standard 160mm stack is one of the most modern transponders on the market. Low weight, compact dimensions, low power consumption are made possible by the highly digitized technology. A brilliant transflective color display, suitable for direct sunlight use, ADS-B out 2020 Mandate compatibility and intuitive operation result in an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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DA15 Connector Kit

Connector Kit TQ-Aviation Part #: 326363.0100


  • 1 x Harting P/N 09670154701 D-sub connector
  • 1 x Harting P/N 09670150453 D-sub backshell & hardware
  • 2 x ITT Cannon P/N 110278-0000 latch plate
  • 15 x M39029/63-368 standard-density D-sub contact, female

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Cable Set (Open Ends One-Sided) TQ-Aviation Part #: 285960.0100

The cable set with open ends is suitable for single-seat gliders for connection to the battery, a microphone, a PTT button and a loudspeaker.

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Double-Seater Cable Set (2 sockets for microphone and headset) TQ-Aviation Part #: 285961.0100

Cable set for the 2-seater powered aircraft with headset sockets for connection to the battery and the PTT buttons.

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Double-Seater Cable Set (Gliding) with Remote Wiring TQ-Aviation Part #: 285962.0100

Cable set with open ends for the two-seat glider for connection to the battery, two microphones, two PTT buttons and a loudspeaker.

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Cable Amplifier TQ-Aviation Part #: 285973.0100

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