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FreeFlight Systems

FreeFlight Systems is a manufacturer of professional-grade avionics system solutions for commercial and military aircraft, and was the first company to certify an airborne WAAS receiver.

Avail Performance Package

ADS-B Solution for King Air and Twin Turboprop Aircraft FreeFlight Systems Part #: FF-AVAIL
From $16,189.00

The Avail Performance Package provides dual 1090 Mode S/ES transponders, a RANGR-RX/G 978 ADS-B receiver with an internal WAAS/GPS, integrated WiFi, and a single control head. These remote-mounted solutions provide twin turboprop aircraft a modular, all-in-one solution to equip with ADS-B In and Out for the January 1, 2020 mandate.

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978MHz ADS-B Datalink with WAAS/GPS FreeFlight Systems Part #: RANGR-TX-LITE

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Datalink ADS-B Receiver

ADS-B Datalink FreeFlight Systems Part #: RANGR-BLUE
From $5,289.00

Available with optional Internal GPS, and/or dualband.
FreeFlight Systems TSO'd RANGR family of receivers, transmitters and transceivers are among the most flexible and affordable suite of ADS-B Solutions for airplanes and helicopters. The RANGR products integrate seamlessly with all FreeFlight Systems GPS/WAAS systems for high-integrity position reporting.

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GPS SBAS/WAAS Sensor System FreeFlight Systems Part #: 84327-50-200D
From $11,889.00

Available with optional DO301 antenna.
Global ADS-B position source, navigation sensor, and timing source for datalinks.

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Radar Altimeter Sensor System FreeFlight Systems Part #: 84560-11-300A
From $8,789.00

Available with optional RAD40 display and Tone Generator.
For critical flight regimes, the RA-4000 Radar Altimeter (TSO and ETSO approved) provides today’s flight crews with dependable, highly accurate and economical above-ground-level (AGL) information. This real-time system enhances operational safety during approaches, night time operations, and hazardous flight above rough terrain.

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Radar Altimeter Sensor System FreeFlight Systems Part #: 84560-12-300A
From $9,189.00

Available with optional RAD40 display and Tone Generator.

  • Integrates with compatible glass cockpit displays to display DH and Height above altitude
  • NVG display available
  • TSO-certified and STC approved
  • ARINC 429 capable

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Radar Altimeter Display FreeFlight Systems Part #: 84939-X0-0100

Discounted pricing available when purchased in conjunction with the RA4000 or RA4500.

The RAD-40 (TSO-C87) is a panel-mount digital display, compatible with the FreeFlight Systems RA-4000 and RA-4500 Radar Altimeters.

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SelCal Decoder (5 Channel) FreeFlight Systems Part #: 2800-0012-105

TSO certified ground-to-air selective calling decoder.

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JET CALL Mounting Tray

Mounting Tray for JET CALL 5 FreeFlight Systems Part #: 2146-0006-000

Mounting Tray for the FreeFlight Systems JET CALL 2 and 5 Selective Calling Decoders.

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RAD-40 Installation Kit

Install Kit for FreeFlight RAD-40 Display FreeFlight Systems Part #: 84949-00

Installation Kit for FreeFlight RAD-40 Radar Altimeter Display.

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