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Drift Innovation

Drift is a small, passionate team dedicated to creating pioneering cameras accessible to everyone – not just the daredevils – so anyone can share what makes them great.

Ghost X

HD Camera Drift Innovation Part #: RDFT-10-10-XX

Ghost X brings together the sleek Drift form factor, no-fuss operation, and our longest battery life to date to let you capture the ride in crisp 1080p Full HD no matter what.

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Ghost 4K

4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: 10-010-00
From $299.00

Available with optional LCD Touchscreen Module and Waterproof Case.

  • Features dual microphones to reduce wind noise. Video stabilization minimizes blur and compensates for camera shake. Your videos never looked - or sounded - so good.
  • A revolutionary snap-on modular system gives you more control. Unclip the included external battery and replace with any Ghost 4K module - from an LCD screen to huge (optional) battery packs. Snap and go.
  • The Ghost 4K switches from sleep to record modes with a single press, and advanced low light performance helps insure great images.
  • With the Drift App, you can control the camera's every move, from view-finding, to shooting photos, to capturing video.

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Ghost 4K Roll Bar Mount

Mount for Drift Ghost 4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: 30-012-00

Get out on track and shoot smooth Full HD video with the Drift Rollbar Mount. The Rollbar Mount's adjustable grip attaches your camera to bars between 36 mm (1.4") and 63 mm (2.5") in diameter, such as on a roll-cage, go kart or bike frame. The Rollbar Mount can pivot 180°, and rotate 360° with your camera, so you can capture all the overtakes, apexes and wheel-to-wheel action from practically any angle. Made from a super tough nylon, and with a new ratchet washer system, the Drift Rollbar Mount securely locks your high definition cam in place for all the racing action.

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Ghost 4K Battery Module

1500mAh Battery for Drift Ghost 4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: 50-010-05

This module provides significantly increased battery capacity for the heavy use customers. It doubles the overall capacity and resulting recording time. Capture your adventures without interruptions.

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Ghost 4K Pivot Mount

Mount for Drift Ghost 4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: 30-020-00

Get the perfect shot in any situation with the Drift Pivot Mount. Mountable anywhere at nearly any angle, the Drift Pivot Mount is your tool to capture the moment from any point of view you can imagine. With it’s durable polymer composition combined with the addition of the ratcheted washer, the Drift Pivot Mount will securely lock your camera in a set position, even under extreme conditions. The included flat and curved adhesives make it easy to attach the mount anywhere while the built-in universal clip gives you the flexibility to connect to any of Drift’s other mounts in seconds.

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Ghost 4K Protective Case

Carry Case for Drift Ghost 4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: 51-002-00

The Drift Protective Carry Case is not only designed to keep all your stuff sorted, but also to protect it from dust, water and scratches. It not only has room for the camera, but it will hold memory cards, an extra battery, USB or HDMI cable and remote control. It's accessed via a dual zippered closure. Inside, half the case holds the camera with strong elastic bands while the other half contains webbing that secures the memory cards, cable, remote control and battery. The case provides a hard shell on the outside as well as a soft foam and cloth lining inside to keep your gear secure.

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Ghost 4K Filter Adapter w/Prop Filter

Filter Adapter w/Prop Filter for Drift Ghost 4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: FF-KFD4K37-AF37-ND8

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Ghost 4K Suction Cup Mount

Mount for Drift Ghost 4K Digital Camera Drift Innovation Part #: 30-007-00

Drift’s powerful suction cup is the perfect accessory for mounting you Drift camera to any non-pourous flat surfaces. Perfect for use on car windshield’s or car body. This well designed mount makes it simple to turn, tilt, and rotate your video camera 360°.

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