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Club Glove

Club Glove

CG Standard

Barracuda Ballistic Flight Kit Club Glove Part #: OCLB001

For the pilot that loves to carry more cargo or is still required to carry paper. Space for up to 6 manuals, head set, mag light, and additional charts/plates. OR you may have gone electronic but still love the option of having extra space for more gear. Includes Yaw Damper clips that self-correct roll overs.

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CG Slim

Barracuda Ballistic Flight Bag Club Glove Part #: OCLB002

Designed for the pilot that has gone electronic and wants to simplify and lighten their load. It still provides enough space for a headset, a large water bottle, a tablet/computer and even a manual or two. Includes a padded shoulder strap to use as an attaché during layovers.

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CG Gear

Barracuda Ballistic Gear Bag Club Glove Part #: OCLB003

An accessory that affords pilots extra cargo space for longer legs. Perfect for work out clothes, additional outerwear, or apparel. Regional pilots also use this as a professional looking cover for their lunch cooler.

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Barracuda Ballistic Rolling Carry-On Club Glove Part #: OCLB004

2800 CUBIC INCHES - Empty weight only 9lbs! A full 42" tall aluminum, retractable handle. Max payload of 75 lbs.

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CG Ensemble

The Ultimate Travel Bags for Flight Crew Club Glove Part #: OCLB101/2

CG Ensemble includes choice of CG Slim or CG Standard, along with CG 22, CG Gear, and Large and Medium organizers.

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Clothing Organizer

Mesh Cloth Organizer Club Glove Part #: OCLB005/6/7

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Change the way you pack forever with these lightweight and breathable mesh cloth organizers. Keeps your clothes organized and protected.

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