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For years, pilots of certified aircraft have been forced to choose between maintaining their dated, legacy instrumentation or upgrading their panel with expensive, piecemeal avionics upgrades.

That changes now.

Introducing Dynon Certified - Affordable Avionics Systems for Certified Aircraft.

Why Upgrade?

 Touchscreen Technology
 Cost Savings
 Fully Featured
 And Much More...

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HDX Display Package

Dynon's basic certified package gives you a single 10" HDX display with flight instruments, moving map, and VFR GPS navigator. Optional second display.

ADS-B Out/In Package

Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out. Gain superior situational awareness with full ADS-B In Traffic and Weather with optional ADS-B In receiver.

Autopilot Package

Full-featured autopilot with advanced features like Flight Director, VNAV, altitude pre-select, and coupled approaches (when connected to an IFR navigator).

Engine Monitor Package

Whether you’re a "rich of peak" or "lean of peak" fan, you’ll have all the tools you need - including % power - to effectively manage your powerplant. Other features include fuel computer and all EGT/CHTs.

Building for Experimental?

Dynon Skyview Worksheet

Sarasota Avionics has developed a worksheet to make it easier for you to select the components, provide us with some details about you and your airplane, and get us started on your custom installation quote.

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