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Tactical Color Lightning System
Part no: 850-00026-004

Avidyne’s TWX670 is a third-generation lightning-based weather detection system that provides a simple and intuitive color-contoured display with instantaneous picture of surrounding weather.

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Series II Stormscope Weather Mapping Sensor
Part no: 805-11500-001

Designed to interface with most MFD’s, the WX-500 allows pilots to view lightning information directly on their MFD - on a dedicated page or overlaid on the map.

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Part no: 805-10950-001

Dedicated, “always on” display, the WX-950 uses a high resolution, 3-inch ATI display/processor for optimum image precision.

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Lightning Detection System
Part no: 78-8060-6086-5

The WX-1000E can be configured to display lightning on an EFIS or radar indicator.

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Lightning Detection System
Part no: 78-8060-9160-4

Like all Stormscope systems, the WX-1000 Series provides early detection of storm cells, and displays lightning at ranges up to 200 nautical miles. Simply turn your system on and monitor thunderstorm activity even before you leave the ground.

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Digital Lightning Detection
Part no: 2000L-009

200, 100, 50 and 25nm Weather Avoidance. Innovative technology only at Insight now brings you a display that is brighter than direct sunlight. New Ultra Bright LED Display.

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