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Wash Lighting

LED Upwash/Downwash Lighting Systems
Part no: HUT-WL

Upgrade your upwash and downwash lighting with rugged LED technology. Wash lighting has been a mainstay element of aviation interior design, making the interior feel more open and spacious.

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Accent Lighting

LED Accent Lights
Part no: HUT-LAT

Heads Up Technologies provides a complete range of accent lighting solutions from aisle lighting to work surface lights. These lightweight, low-voltage units deliver true color over a complete range of dimming. With proven technology chosen by major airframe manufacturers to supply production contracts, Heads Up is equipped to meet your lighting needs.

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Reading and Table Lights

LED Reading and Table Lights
Part no: HUT-RTL

For years, aviators have relied on Heads Up for the best LED-equipped interior lighting systems, including wash, aisle, work surface and cabinetry pieces. Now, with the introduction of Heads Up’s latest generation reading and table lights, you can bring even more innovative LED technology to your aircraft interior.

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