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  • IFD540

    Touch Screen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM

    Part #: IFD-540

    NOW STC'd! Please call for availability. 
    Avidyne’s IFD540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM combines the best Flight Management System available, with a multi-channel digital VHF radio, in an easy-to-use, plug & play design.

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  • IFD440

    Touch Screen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM

    Part #: IFD-440

    Availability of this product is not yet known.
    Avidyne's IFD440 provides a plug-and-play touch-screen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM upgrade for Entegra-equipped Cirrus aircraft.

  • UNS-1Lw

    WAAS Flight Management System

    Part #: UNS1LW

    The UNS-1Lw provides increased satellite availability, reliability and integrity for GPS and WAAS/SBAS navigation.  The UNS-1Lw is comprised of a 4 or 5-inch FPCDU along with a remotely mounted navigation computer. The navigation computer is contained in a 2-MCU sized Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) which includes the integral GPS/WAAS receiver.

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  • UNS-1Fw

    WAAS Flight Management System

    Part #: UNS1FW

    The UNS-1Fw comprises a control display unit and a remotely mounted navigation computer unit. Two flat panel control display units (FPCDU) are available: a compact FPCDU with 4-inch color display and the standard FPCDU which features a 5-inch color display as well as optional capabilities for UniLink weather graphics and video interface.

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  • UNS-1Ew

    WAAS Flight Management System

    Part #: UNS1EW

    The UNS-1Ew features an all-in-one-package design which includes control/display functions and the navigation computer all in a single unit. The system includes a graphics- and video-capable 5-inch diagonal display.

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