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  • Skyhunter 406 ELT

    Emergency Locator Transmitter w/Whip Antenna

    Part #: SKYH:PRE:AF:K:XW

    SkyHunter 406 Model AF is an automatic Fixed type ELT suitable for GA, Commercial, and Military Aviation, that comes with an internal GPS receiver and an internal GPS antenna. Remote switch installation does NOT require aircraft power.

    $1,089.00 Learn More
  • ELT 1000

    Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

    Part #: 8203

    The ARTEX ELT 1000 is a value-priced upgrade to standard 121.5 MHz transmitters, which are no longer monitored by the Cospas-Sarsat system. The 406 MHz transmitter produces a much more accurate position, typically 3 kilometers as compared with 15 to 20 kilometers for 121.5 MHz transmitters.

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  • ELT406GPS

    406MHz ELT w/Internal GPS

    Part #: 51220-042

    The first ELT with an internal GPS that is approved for GA use. Along with the new standard 406MHz emergency signal, Cospas/Sarsat satellites will read your current GPS position. In flight, the GPS unit automatically updates your present position every 15 seconds.

    $1,199.00 Learn More
  • INTEGRA ELT with Whip Antenna

    Emergency Locator Transmitter

    Part #: 1202502

    The new INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT is a major step forward in the development of ELT technology and aircraft safety equipment. The INTEGRA is the only ELT in the world which operates on the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and includes an internal GPS and 406MHz antenna, plus an internal battery.

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  • 406AF-Compact with Whip Antenna

    ELT Automatic fixed COSPAS-SARSAT Category II

    Part #: 40501-02

    The Kannad 406 AF-COMPACT is designed for private pilots, for all light aircraft requiring a very compact automatic fixed ELT. The robust and reliable shock sensor will automatically activate the ELT in the event of a crash, the pilot can also activate the ELT in case of emergency.

    $895.00 Learn More
  • ME406 ELT

    406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter

    Part #: 455-660X

    The ME406 is designed specifically for the private pilot in mind. The mechanical footprint is compatible with all Artex and some other ELT manufacturers products footprints. The ME406 features single antenna output feeding a wire whip or a rod antenna depending on the aircraft speed.

    From $939.00 Learn More
  • E-04

    406MHz ELT

    Part #: E04

    $599.99 Learn More
  • E-04R Retrofit

    ELT/406MHz Retrofit Kit

    Part #: E04R

    $579.00 Learn More
  • ME406 ACE

    406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter

    Part #: 455-6614

    The Artex ME406 ACE (Absolute Cost Efficiency), a single output ELT, utilizes the same RF output and only one coax cable, connecting to the new series of Artex single input antennas to transmit 121.5 and 406 MHz emergency signals to the Cospas/Sarsat satellites.

    $1,139.00 Learn More
  • INTEGRA 406AF-H for Helicopter

    406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter)

    Part #: 1202503

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  • ME406 HM

    406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (Helicopter)

    Part #: ME406-HM

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  • ELT406GPS-H for Helicopter

    406MHz ELT w/Internal GPS (Helicopter)

    Part #: 406GPS-H

    $1,649.00 Learn More
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