Bendix King KLX-135A


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Bendix King - Discontinued - KLX0135A-12



The KLX 135A GPS/Comm packs an incredible amount of performance into a small amount of panel space.

The KLX 135A supplements its unmatched GPS accuracy with a double super-twist nematic display, providing outstanding resolution and the capability to depict a moving map display. Other pilot-friendly features include special-use airspace (SUA) boundaries, "Direct-To" operation and built-in CDI/output, all of which combine to offer unprecedented navigation capability for a unit in this price range.

The KLX 135A's Jeppesen database contains a wealth of airport, VOR/NDB, and NAV information, and its storage capacity allows room for up to 250 user-defined waypoints and as many as ten flightplans. Other navigation features include an OBS mode useful for flying specific radials/bearings, and supplemental calculations for distance, bearing, time, fuel, winds, pressure altitude and density altitude.

The KLX 135A's Comm section features a 760-channel VHF transceiver with 5 watts (7 watts nominal) of output. Features include 'flip-flop' frequency selection, side tone and a built-in audio amplifier with three inputs for speakers or headsets. There's even a QuickTune capability which allows you to enter the standby Comm frequency directly from the GPS database.

Highly useful and highly reliable, the Bendix/King KLX 135A gives you the value you expect.

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  • TSO'd, 760-channel VHF transceiver for high reliability and full-spectrum coverage
  • Quicktune frequency selection enables the pilot to enter COMM frequencies directly from the GPS database
  • 'Flip-flop' frequency switching for fast, easy exhanges between active and standby COMM channels (note: to assist helicopter operators, the KLX 35A also offers provisioning for remote 'flip-flop' controls)
  • 5-watt minimum transmitter output for clearer communications
  • Built-in audio amplifier with sidetone and audio leveling can eliminate the need for a seperate audio panel
  • Stuck-microphone alert notifies pilot and stops broadcasting when the transmitter bas been continuously activated for more than 35 seconds
  • Dimensions: 6.25"W x 2.00"H x 11.38"L
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Power Requirements: 14Vdc (28Vdc with KA-39 voltage converter)
  • Modulation: 70% with 98% limiting
  • Sidetone Output: 100mW into 500 ohms
  • TSO Compliance: C37d (trasmit); C38d (receive); C128 (stuck mic)
  • Temperature: -20 to 55C
  • Altitude: up to 35000 ft

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