garmin g5 electronic flight instrument garmin g5 electronic flight instrument

Garmin CNX-80 (SV)

Pre-Owned Panel Mount GPS w/WAAS

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Garmin - Servicable - CNX80/U

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CNX 80 was the industry’s first integrated avionics unit to be certified for WAAS/GPS navigation.

Featuring an advanced 15-channel receiver capable of five position updates per second, the CNX 80 is certified to the FAA's  TSO C146a standards for primary navigation – which will open up thousands of airports previously inaccessible in IFR conditions. The FAA's new Wide Area Augmentation System, or WAAS, dramatically improves the accuracy, integrity, and availability of GPS for approach operations, with vertical (as well as lateral) guidance at non-ILS-equipped airports.

Designed to work in concert with the MX20 multi-function display, the CNX 80 sets new standards for situational awareness in the cockpit. Adding to the system's capabilities are a high-resolution sunlight-readable moving-map LCD display with 256 color combinations — plus a built-in 760-channel VHF comm teamed with 200-channel VOR, glideslope and localizer receivers.

  • CNX 80
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